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Midtown Dentist in Houston

Smiles of Midtown - Dental office in Midtown Houston
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A dental chair can be a lot like a therapy chair.

Hygiene can be an intimate experience. It gives patients a chance to vent their struggles. Lately it seems we all need to vent our struggles even if just for a little while. There is a lot of trust needed in these scenarios. Trust that it is ok t...

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"I'm not sure but maybe I should visit a dentist?"

If you have any of these warning signs:
Tooth pain or toothaches
Swollen gums
Bleeding after brushing
Dry mouth

Then it might mean you should visit a dentist. Here, at Smiles of Midtown we can carefully determine, gently treat, and help you reg...

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Making a dental appointment shouldn't be hard.

You can book your dental appointment easily by filling out a form or by calling our office. One of our gentle receptionists will guide you through the process and take care of any of your concerns. We hope to see you.

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Midtown Dentist - The biggest investment you can make is yourself. As your greatest wealth, is your health.

It can start today with the midtown dentist that takes the time to hear your concerns and walks you through any process you might need.

It is never too late to get your oral health on tra...

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"Wow, your smile and teeth are just beautiful."

If you're struggling with making the decision to go to the dentist, we are here for you. You can do it and you can have the smile you've always wanted.

It starts with a quick zero-stress chat. Make an appointment with us by filling out a form here:

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Have you ever seen a real life vampire?

Of course not. Well, you can thank a dentist for that. You ever noticed how:
* You never see a dentist at night.
* They have all the necessary tools for attacking vampires including silver.
* They can identify early vampire signs in children by analyzing d...

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"I finally went to the dentist after a year... and it was not as bad as I expected!"

Don't let the fear of the unknown keep you from a brilliant smile.

Here, at Smiles of Midtown, we do our best to make sure you have a comfortable dental experience every step of the way.

But it all starts with...

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"Do I brush my teeth before or after breakfast?"

Brushing before breakfast removes plaque and bacteria that formed during the night since saliva is reduced while sleeping.

Brushing after a meal means you should wait about 40 minutes so that the acid levels return to a more normal level and you ...

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"You may not be happy with the way your teeth look." A lot of people aren't.

Depending on your particular situation you might be familiar with some of these common cosmetic dental issues:

• Crooked teeth
• Yellow teeth
• Teeth sensitivity
• Crowded teeth
• Large gaps between your teeth
• Underb...

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2 weeks ago
Smiles of Midtown is so wonderful. Everyone is extremely friendly and even remembered things that I shared with them from 6 months prior. They take great care of my teeth. They are knowledgeable and recommend up to date care. I felt safe with their COVID-19 practices where everyone where’s a mask, especially while working on my teeth. I look forward to my visits with them.
- Janay B
2 weeks ago
Dr. Martinez and staff are amazing! They are super gentle and are always helpful. Can't say enough good things about them.
- Elana H
5 months ago
Most friendly and professional staff. Dr. Martinez was referred from a friend 16 years ago, and never once have there been a bad experience. Dr. Martinez is the best!
- Rob H

Best Dentistry in Midtown Houston

How First-time or New Patients Can Find A Fantastic Dentist in Midtown Houston
At some time, almost everyone needs to find a reputable dentist. When that time comes, it is most important to find a dentist that is right for you. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when looking for a trustworthy and respected dentist. 

Does the dental practice offer payment options?
Payment options should be available for patients if needed. The following should be available. Paying for the dental work in full at the time of treatment is the best way to make sure that everything is taken care of immediately. If you are unable to pay the full amount at the time of treatment, then your dentist to should let you know if it’s possible to pay for the treatment in installments. Also if you have insurance, you can ask the office to make sure that the services offered are covered. The office should also inform you if your insurance is accepted and your options if your dental insurance is not accepted.

Does the dental office have a Relaxed and Comfortable Environment?
When you are in pain, you need to feel comfortable and at home. You want to make sure that the dentist has a calming atmosphere. The staff should be friendly and welcoming. Make sure that you are completely at ease with your dentist and the office as a whole. One good sign is if the staff informs you on what you can expect from their dental office. It is their job to make you feel comfortable and part of that is not keeping you guessing on what’s going to happen. Also you will want to make sure that the dentist is capable of doing the job that you are asking them to do. If you are looking for a dentist to give you a check up and clean your teeth, you will want to make sure that they are a dentist that can do that in a gentle and caring manner. If you are looking for a dentist to do fillings, you will want to make sure that the dentist is able to do that as well. You will want to make sure that the dentist is up to date on the latest technology and procedures.

Does The Dentist Have A Good Reputation?
A necessary step in finding a good dentist is to make sure you find one that has a good reputation. Finding a dentist with a good reputation is easy if you do your research on the internet. A quick search on the Internet will often bring up the dentist's name and reviews. If you are looking at a dentist that has been in business for many years, they most likely have a good reputation in the community. The key to narrowing down your choices is to ask your family and friends for their opinions. If you already have a dentist but you’re having doubts, then it might be worth searching for a second opinion.

Smiles of Midtown Dentistry offers the following services:

How To Find A Dentist That Is Right For You. 
When looking for a dentist, you must first decide what is important to you in a dentist. If you do not take good care of your teeth but want to in the near future, you will not be happy with a dentist who does not help you take care of your teeth by giving you the best advice on how to do so. So, the first step in finding a dentist is to know what you want and need. If at any point you are not satisfied with your dentist for any reason, you shouldn't simply give up. You may be able to find another dentist who will have time for you and will be able to solve your issues. I promise the right dentist for you is out there and they’re waiting for you!

Finally when it comes to making dental appointments, which are usually something that people seeking dental treatment have to do every so often, shouldn’t have to be harder than necessary. Finding a good midtown dentistry can be a difficult task, but it is one that needs to be done to make sure you’re in a comfortable dental environment. Making the decision to call a dental office isn’t always the easiest decision to make, and we at Smiles of Midtown take that decision seriously. That is why giving us a quick call for a nice stress free chat is a big deal for us. Perhaps there’s something we can do for you.

Smiles of Midtown 
3600 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004 
(713) 523-6848 

The best dentist in Midtown Houston is Smiles of Midtown and they serve the following areas of Houston, Texas:
Houston, TX, USA
Downtown Houston, Houston, TX, 
Midtown, Houston, TX, USA 
Houston, TX 77002, USA
Houston, TX 77003, USA 
Houston, TX 77004, USA
Houston, TX 77005, USA
Houston, TX 77006, USA
Houston, TX 77019, USA
Houston, TX 77027, USA
Houston, TX 77030, USA
Houston, TX 77098, USA

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